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Rules of Discipline

Rules of Discipline

The following acts will be treated as acts of indiscipline and the college authorities in such cases shall take suitable disciplinary action, under University Ordinance XV-B.

  • Defacing of college building during elections or otherwise.
  • Causing disturbance to a class, to the office, to the library or at the games.
  • Disobeying the instructions of any teacher or any other higher authority..
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour of any nature at the time of elections to the student-bodies, at the meetings or during any curricular or co-curricular activities.
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour of any nature towards any teacher, any employee of the College/ University, any member of a statutory body of the University or any visitor to the college..
  • Any act of causing violence or damage to the furniture or any other property of the institution or the University.
  • Inciting others to do any of the acts afore said.
  • Any other conduct anywhere which is considered to be unbecoming of a student.
  • Any act of indiscipline by students in Library shall be dealt with as per University rules..
  • Physical assault or threat to use physical force against any member of the teaching and non-teaching staff of any institution and against any student within the University of Delhi.
  • Carrying, use or threat to use of any weapons.
  • Any violation of the provisions of the Civil Rights Protection Act, 1976.
  • Any violation of the status, dignity and honour of students belonging to scheduled caste/tribes and socially and educationally backward class students.
  • Any practice - whether verbal or otherwise - derogatory of women.
  • Any attempt at bribing or corruption in any manner.
  • Wilful destruction of institution property.
  • Creating ill-will or intolerance on religious or communal grounds.
  • Causing disruption in any manner of the academic functioning of the University System.
  • The College provides for a statutory committee called Proctorial Board/, vested with the power to investigate cases of indiscipline and decide whether a student/students is/are guilty and deciding the punishment (if any).

Members of Proctorial Board in Deshbandhu college are: 
Convenor : Dr. Sunil Kayesth (Department of Zoology) - 9871828607
Members :  Dr. Ashish Kumar (Department of Sanskrit), 
Mr. Bhawani Shankar (Department of Chemistry), 
Dr. Varsha Kushwaha Singh (Department of English),
Dr. Pratibha Kumari (Department of Chemistry)

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