Governing Body Appointed and College Committees

Governing Body Appointed Committees

Electronic Library and Knowledge Management Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Jyoti Trivedi (Department of Computer Science)
Co-ordinator  : Mr. Shalender Singh Chauhan (Librarian)
Members  : Dr. S.M. Jha (Department of History)
  Dr. Sunil Kayasth (Department of Zoology)
    Dr. Anand Kumar (Department of Sanskrit)
    Mr. Jagmohan Kaushik (Administrative Officer)
NAAC Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Usha Arora (Department of Mathematics) 
Co-ordinator  : Dr. Neelam Borwankar (Department of political Science)
Members  : Dr. Seema (Department of Commerce)
  Dr. Biswajit Mohanty (Department of political Science)
    Mr. Vibhas C. Verma (Department of Hindi)
    Ms. Harindri Chaudhary (Department of mathematics)
    Dr. Namita Gandhi (Department of Chemistry)
    Dr. D.K. Mallick (Department of Botany)
    Ms. Manisha Sagar (Department of English)
    Dr. Indrakant K. Singh ((Department of zoology)
    Dr. Anand Kumar (Department of Sanskrit)
    Dr. Pramod Arora (Department of Mathematics)
    Dr. Partha Goswami (Department of Physics)
    Mr. Shelender Singh Chauhan (Librarian)
    Mr. Jagmohan Kaushik (Administrative Officer)
Bank Committee
Convenor  : Dr. B.R. Sachdeva (Department of Commerce)
Members  : Dr. Anil Kumar Jha (Department of History)
  Dr. Ruby Mishra (Department of Chemistry)
Website Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Sangeeta Singh (Department of Economics)
Co-ordinator  : Ms. Sunita Malik (Department of Botany)
Members  : Ms. Urvashi Gautam (Department of History)
    Dr. Laxmi Narayan Meena (Department of History)
    Dr. Neerja Bhatt (Department of History)
    Dr. Meenu Kamboj (Department of Commerce)
    Dr. Shraddha Rai (Department of Philosophy)
Add-on Courses Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Deo Nandan Kumar (Department of Chemistry)
Co-convenor  : Dr. sarvendra Kumar (Department of Sanskrit)
Members  : Dr. Jitender Kumar (Department of Economics)
    Dr. Meenu Kamboj (Department of Commerce)
    Ms. Rimmi Jain (Department of Commerce)

Staff Council Committees : 2017-18

Secretary, Staff Council
Admission In-Charges/ Co-ordinators
1.for B.Sc. Physical Science :  
1.for B.Sc. Industrial Chem. :  
1.for B.Sc. Life Sciences : Dr. Roshni Raja Mohan
1.for B.A. (Prog.) :  
AWP Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Kumar Shantanu
Co-Convener (Arts) : Dr. Vibhas C. Verma
Co-Convener (Science) : Dr. Manju Rani Chaudhary
Building and Furniture Maintenance Committee
Convenor  : Mr. Manoj Kumar
Members  : Mr. Rajender Kumar
  : Ms. Sherina Joshi
  : Mr. Bhawani Shanker
  : Dr. Vibhas Chandra Verma
  : Mr. Ajay Partap Gahlot
  : Dr. Dharmendra K. Mallick 
Canteen Committee
Convenor  : Mr. Manoj Kumar
Members  : Dr.Sushila Singhal
  : Sh. Chottu Ram Meena
  : Dr. Biswajit Mohanty
  : Sh. Chandra Shekhar
Cultural Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Usha Rani Arora
Members  : Dr. Rama Singh
  : Dr. Kamana Singh
  : Dr. Rajvir Shastri
  : Dr. Manju Rani Chaudhary
Development Fund Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Rajveer Shastri
Members  :  
Editorial Board (DESH)
Convenor  :  
Extension Lecture Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Sushila Singhal
Members  : Dr. Parul Singh
  : Mr. Ajay Partap Gahlot
  : Dr. Preeti Karwal
  : Ms. Manju Rani
Financial Assistance Committee
Convenor  :  
Members  : Ms. Manju Rani
  : Ms. Shilpi Bhatnagar
  : Dr. Umesh Kumar
  : Dr. Chottu Ram Meena
Garden Committee
Convenor  : Dr.Bela Bhatia
Members  : Dr. Aparna Nautiyal
  : Dr. Namita Gandhi
  : Dr. Vivek Saxena
  : Dr. Deepti Gupta
Library Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Shailendra Mohan Jha
Members  : _________ (Science)
  : _________ (Arts)
Proctorial Committee
Convener :  
Members : Dr. Anjum Padyal
Prospectus Committee
Convenor  : Dr. Varsha Singh
Purchase Committee
Convenor  : Mr. Saswata Bhattarcahrya
Members  : Dr.Dharmendra Kumar Mallick
  : Dr. Ishwar Dutt Vats
  : Dr. Biswajit Mohanty
  : Mr. Chandra Shekhar
  : Mr. Rajender Kumar
  : Mr. Umesh Kumar
Sports Committee
Members  : Dr. Ruby Mishra
  : Dr. Sarvendra Kumar
  : Dr. Vivek Saxena
  : Dr. Roshni Raja Mohan
  : Dr. Varsha Baweja
  : Dr. Pramod Kumar
Time Table Committee
Members  : Dr. Ashish Kumar (Arts)
  : Mr. I. Rocky M. (Science)
Union Advisory Committee
Convenor  :  
Members  : Dr. Parul Singh
  : Dr. Deepti Gupta
  : Dr. Ruby Mishra
  : Mr. Jugmendra Singh