Modern Indian Languages

Department of Modern Indian Languages
Department of Modern Indian Languages
  • BENGALI- Deshbandhu college is one of the few colleges of University of Delhi which has offered Bengali as a subject since its inception. The faculty consists of teachers who have published books and also feature regularly in renowned Bengali Magazines. The department has also formed the Bengali Literary Society, which organizes seminars to enhance the learning experience of its students and expose them to different trends. Student who opt for Bengali can find a career in Media and Translation work for nodal Ministries and Publishing houses. In four year undergraduate programme, interested Non-Bengali students can also opt for the course.
  • PUNJABI- Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by millions of native speakers world-wide. Punjabi language is becoming more popular in modern media and communication. The Department aims at giving its students a thorough grounding in skills of reading, comprehension, necessity of studying Punjabi literature. It also helps to enrich the rich cultural heritage of our country. Students who opt Punjabi can fund a carrier in Media and Translation work for Publication Houses, All India Radio and T.V. (Ranet etc.)
  • SINDHI- It is a matter of pride that Deshbandhu College is the only college in Delhi University which offers Sindhi as a language course. The department offers a rare opportunity to develop and preserve the precious heritage of Sindhi literature and language, especially since this is a language not associated with any state. Students who opt for Sindhi can find a career in translation work for nodal Ministries and Publishing houses as well as in the Media.

Year of establishment: 1963

  • Names of Programmes/ Courses offered: B.A. Programme.
  • Names of Inter-disciplinary courses and the departments/units involved: All B.A. (H) Courses.
  • Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise): Semester


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Dr. Antara Chaudhuri, ,
M.A., Ph.D. (Teacher-in-charge)

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Dr. K.S. Bhatia, ,
M.A., Ph.D. (Teacher-in-charge)

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Faculty SINDHI

Ms. V. Bellani ,
M.A. (Teacher-in-charge)

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  • College library equipped with adequate text and reference books
  • Internet facilities for staff and students with common access through college internet


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