Jyotish and Vaastu Shastra

Jyotish and Vaastu Shastra

Jyotish Shastra has been one of the most important branch of knowledge in india since time immemorial. It has deep roots in our vedic and puranic sources along with inspiration from greek mythology. Though the word ‘horoscope’ has greek origins, jyotish and vaastu shastra evolved as a serious area of investigation in india on its own. Both astronomy and astrology are important components of jyotish shastra thus making it hugely popular. We intend to familiarise you with various aspects of this knowledge in course of this certification programme, which will stand in good stead for you both as an amateur as well as a professional.

Vaastu Shastra as an area of knowledge only compliments jyotish shastra. The knowledge of various directions, various angels and the natural forces in sync with these are the areas of investigation. It brings in positivity, if used correctly with correct angels and directions, and brings in negativity if used otherwise. In modern times, it has generated huge interest in all walks of life- both at the individual level and at the corporate level- making it an extremely attractive proposition for both amateurs and professional.

Why Should you opt for it

  • Enrichment of Personality both physically and meta physically
  • As a professional it opens up new vistas of opportunities
  • It brings individuals and community closer to our vedic and puranic literature and inspirational knowledge.

Technicalities/Skills Achieved

  • Residential Vaastu
  • Commercial Space Vaastu
  • Astrology

Course High Points

  • samhitā: Collective astrology (Mundane Astrology, Omens etc.)
  • ganita: astronomy
  • horā: astrology
  • Siddhanta: Mathematical astronomy

Price Listings

  • General and Others - ₹5,100/-
  • SC/ST - ₹3100/-
  • Deshbandhu College Student - ₹2100/-