Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Physical Education is considered an integral part of general education and leads to holistic development of personality through Cognitive, Affective and Effective learning. It is an art and science of promoting health by the deliberate effort of willful adoption of physical activities and sports. Apart from the opportunities provided to students to represent college in various sports, the college also provides Physical Education as a subject “Fitness, Aerobics and Gym operation” in B.A.(Programme) as an application course. This subject imparts the in-depth knowledge of fundamental and practice guidelines of health and fitness enabling the students to start their career in physical education and fitness industry, which is, now a day, one of the most growing industries across the world.

In today’s high tech society, the success of Physical Education lies in the physical growth and development of students in fighting against the sedentary life style. It is through this approach, the students acquire the knowledge, skills, right attitude and values towards the pursuit of a physically active and healthy life style. It also provides an avenue for students to express themselves through movement and physical activity.


  • Ms. Anjum Padyal, M.P.E. (Department-in-charge)

    Ad hoc Faculty Member
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar (Assistant Professor)