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Attendance Rules

Attendance Rules

Attendance rules are the following:

A - A candidate for the Semester I/III/V Examination shall not be deemed to have satisfied the required conditions of attendance unless she/he has attended, in all the subject taken together, not less than two thirds of the lectures/practical/presentations/ totorial required to be attended.

Provided that a student of the II/IV/VI semester who does not fulfill the required conditions of attendance as above, but has attended in all the subject taken together, not less than 40 per cent of the lectures/practical/presentation/tutorials, held during the respective semester, may at the discretion of the Principal of the college concerned, be allowed to appear at the ensuring examination provided that she/he makes up the deficiency of the said attendance by combining the attendance of the previous semester in the ensuing semester.

Provided further that the Principal of the College concerned may permit a student to appear in an examination not with standing that the student has not fulfilled the attendance requirement, if in the opinion of the Principal, such student shall make up the deficiency in the succeeding academic year. Provided further that a student of the VI semester shall be allowed to appear at the VI semester Examination, if by combining the attendance of the academic year the candidate has put in two thirds of attendance, in all the subject taken together, held during the respective years.

B - In the case of a student who:

i Is selected as a member of the N.C.C to participate in the annual N.C.C Campus or is deputed to undertake Civil Defense work and allied duties; or

ii Is enrolled in the National Service scheme and is deputed to various public assignments by or with the approval of the Principal/head of the institution concerned; or

iii Is selected to participate in sports or other curricular activities; or

iv Represents the College in inter-college tournaments organized by the Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC); or a student who represents Delhi State in National Tournament organized by Nation Sports Federations; or a student who represent the University in Tournaments organized by Association of India Universities; or a student to represents India in International Tournaments organized by International Federation/ Associations and FISU,(Selections through AIU); of a student who represents India on Olympics/Common Wealth Games/ World Championship organized by International Olympic Committee; or in national of International Fixtures in games and sports approved by the Competent Authority; or

v Is required to represent the University at the Inter-University Youth Festival; or

vi Is required to participate in periodical training in the Territorial Army or a student who is deputed by the college to take part in Inter-College sports or fixtures, debates, seminars or social work projects or a student who is required curricular activities held in other University or such other activities approved by the Vice-Chancellor for this purpose.
In calculating the total number of lectures etc. delivered in the College, or in the University, as the case may be for his/her course of study in each academic year, the number of lectures etc., in each subject delivered, during the period of absence, and as recommended/ forwarded by the concerned teacher/DPE and approved by the Principal /Head for the above purpose shall deemed to have been attended by the student.

C - The Principal of a College may consider, on the basis of the Medical Certificates produced. exceptionally hard cases of students who had fallen seriously ill or had met with an accident during the year disabling them form attending classes for a certain period, with a view to determining whether the lectures etc. delivered during the said period, or a part thereof, could be excluded for purpose of calculation of attendance of the year and decide each case on its own merits.

D - Colleges shall be required to notify the attendance position of each of its students for each month on the notice board of the College, and clearly indicate the lectures/practical held subject wise and the numbers attended by each student.

E - A College shall notify on the notice board the final attendance position of each of its students within five days of the dispersal of the classes in the last session of the academic year. Not later than five days, thereafter, a student may, by an application to the Principal of the College, claim benefit of exclusion of lectures under sub-clause (a) above on ground to be specified and accompanied by the relevant documents. All such applications submitted within time shall be considered and disposed of the Principal of the College at least 3 days prior to the commencement of the examination, in which the student is intending to appear.

F - The benefit of exclusion of lectures contemplated in category (c) above, shall in no case exceed 1/3 of the total number of lectures/practical’s/prsentations/totutials.

G - In the case of a married woman student who is granted maternity leave, in calculating the total number of lectures delivered in the College or in the University, as the case may be, for her course of study in each semester, the number of lectures in each subject delivered during the period of her maternity leaves shall not be taken into account.

H - No person shall be deemed to have satisfied the required conditions in respect of his instructions, unless in addition to the requirements regarding attendance and other conditions, he has appeared and satisfied by his performance the Principal of his college in such tests, written and/or oral, as may be held by him in discretion. The Principal of the College shall have, and be deemed always to have had, the power to detain a student in the same class in which he has been studying, or not to send him up for the University Examination, in case he did not appear at the tests aforesaid or his performance was not satisfactory.

Principal of a College/Head of the Institution shall have power to strike off the name of a student who is grossly irregular in attendance in spite of warning, or when the absence of the student is for such a long period that he cannot put in requisite percentage of attendance.

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