Accounts Staff

Accounts Staff Duties

S.NO PICTURE NAME Designation Duties
1 Hardeep Singh Gahlawat S. O. Accounts Maintenance of all records of the Innovation project and Deal with coordinators.
Dealing all matters relating to University, U. G. C. , A. G. C. R., Income Tax and other Departments Maintenance of FDR of all accounts of the college Verifying / Checking all the bills of the Principal and Board Accounts for releasing the payments.
Pay and pension fixations.
2 Arun Taneja Assistant Income Tax Return filing of the salary of teaching and non-teaching Employees of the college quarterly and yearly. Income Tax Return filing against the TDS deducted towards the payments made to the companies and contractor, quarterly. Income tax calculation of Non-Teaching Staff.
Maintain the records and register of the other source payments made to all the teaching and non-teaching employees (e.g E. L. encashment, CEA, Honorarium, etc) for income tax purpose.
Issuance of Form – 16 to all the employees of the college and other dealing with the Income tax deptt.
Reimbursements of medical bills for the sSaff and Pensioners and dealing with the direct payments to the Hospitals.
Other duties assigned S. O. Accounts and the Authorities (e.g. issuing of parking labels to all the staff members, making of cheques).
Maintenance of manual cash book and ledger of students security (A/c 10071).
3 Balwan singh Ahlawat Junior Assistant Preparation of salary of Teaching and Non- Teaching Staff and pension.
Calculation of Income tax of pensioners.
Maintenance of the Provided Fund Ledger and accounts and maintaining the records of F.D.Rs of the Provident funds. Maintenance of the cash book and ledger of P. F. Accounts no.1044.
Maintain liveries accounts and providing liveries to non- teaching employees.
Preparation and issuance of cheques and any other duties assigned by the Section Officer and the higher authorities.
4 Himanshu M. Kandpal Junior Assistant Maintenance of cash book and ledger of Maintenance grant (S/b A/c no. 1042).
Preparation and finalization of annual accounts and balance sheet of the college accounts.
Deal with the correspondence of U. G. C., University and A. G. C. R.
Calculate the Income tax of the Teaching Staff.
Maintenance the NPS Accounts and Records.
Preparation and issuance of cheques and any other duty assigned by the Section Officer and the higher authorities.
5 Sushila Indumati Kullu Officiating Junior Assistant Deal with the students of the college i.e issuance of all types of fees receipts and no dues.
Maintain and disbursement of all types of scholarships and financial assistance of the students
Maintaining of cash book and ledger of students fund SB - 1043
Any other duties assigned by the Section Officer and the authorities.